"Compacted" Drops on maze.

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Hi, I am a new player, been playing for like, 3 or 4 days and I noticed two things, one is the time we spend taking drops from maze/fissive runs, I understand that amount of drops in dungeons but, why does it have to be like that on maze? I mean, wouldn't it be good if you guys could just compact it? total run points in one drop? jades/acc I know it's not possible, but what about points and materials? it would make the runs way more faster and not (in my case) boring, cause I can kill bosses in like, 4 seconds, but takes like 10 mins each run because the time I spend getting the drops.
Also, fantasy points are unique and materials/jades/accs are as well. Most, if not all players, just leave those points behind because their bags gets full real quick due to the amount of drops, what if you guys could change the rarity of those points to "rare" like other points? Would not be a bad idea I think.
Well, hope you guys get to read this and give some attention to it.

Thank you <3

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